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As the word suggests they are made of cotton fabric. Disposable, Washable, Reusable, and maintains hygiene. These multicolour MULTIPURPOSE napkins are not too fancy, but easily replace single-use paper/tissue napkins. These are perfect to pack in school lunches, picnic baskets, barbecues. Also can be used as a multipurpose cleaner. These are highly preferred for their soft texture, light weight and easy storage. They are inexpensive and well-functioning napkins for people of every age group. Useful for cleaning your sunglasses, cell phone's screen and car window whenever required. They also come in handy when we need something to collect food waste such as egg shells or vegetable peelings. Can be used to remove makeup when we are too busy to undergo the whole cleansing process, also saves you from getting rashes when you have a cold.

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Fabric Tissues




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Let me start my story by telling you why I am here today: I’m on a mission to save people from buying expensive clothing, and I am doing it by introducing you to the website, THE SHIMMER HOUSE. I wanted to start my own brand, to tackle various problems such as women not being able to find good quality clothing, trendy fashion wear not easily available to everyone, and curvy women not being able to find export quality comfortable clothing. I want people to know that to purchase trendy, comfortable, sassy quality products, one doesn’t have to break their banks, I want to be able to make it available to them at an affordable price.

It is said that expensive means better quality but The Shimmer House is here to change it because here we offer you high quality trendy clothing at affordable prices, that range from ₹ 200- ₹ 1000. We believe that HIGH price Doesn’t mean Better quality.

It was easier for me to start my own brand because my parents have their own manufacturing unit. We have been exporting goods to European countries for almost two decades, so we are aware about the latest trends in fashion. We are here to sell the same quality products that we export to foreign countries.

I try to minimise wastage in my factory by saving on the averages and also by taking care of very minute things. These are a few reasons why we are able to sell garments at these rates.

I am here to change the game and show you that there is more to better quality clothing. The Shimmer House is your one stop online shop for today’s most affordable and export quality clothing. It prides itself in offering you on-trend styles, catering to both young women and teens, also apparels for CURVY WOMEN is our USP.

- Shreeda Pandit Bhatia

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